Our Ingredients


The history of Beta-Glucan is a long one, the compound been used for many years. In the 1940s, beta-glucan raised interest among researches but not until in the 1980s, following intense research, that the major advantages were confirmed.
Beta-glucan in all Beta Skin range of products is derived from Oats. Its grains have a unique chemical composition, with a high content of exogenous compounds.

Beta-glucan acts on the skin by deeply penetrating the epidermis and forms a film on the surface to prevent water loss and allows optimal hydration and a feeling of smoothness and softness.

Esters of higher fatty acids

Linseed oil is characterized by its multidirectional biological activity. Under the influence of high temperatures, light, and oxygen, linseed oil components lose their valuable properties. For this reason, in our products, we have used linseed oil in its ester form to ensure its resistance to these factors.

The essential fatty acids are beneficial for rehydration and help protect against free radicals.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is obtained by pressing copra, which is dried coconut pulp. The indigenous people used it for all kinds of skin issues for years. Coconut oil consists primarily of average length saturated fatty acid chains. Of particular importance is the presence of lauric acid, which constitutes 50% of coconut oil.

Use externally, coconut oil can protect the skin from harmful substances and is hypoallergenic. It strengthens the epidermal barrier and inhibits trans-epidermal water loss, protects and moisturizes. With the presence of phytosterols and natural antioxidants such as Vit E, coconut oil reduces free radicals and counteracts oxidative stress. Delays premature aging of the skin.

Colodial Silver

Known for centuries and it’s proven that its a natural form of antibacterial and antifungal. While considering all the beneficial properties and advantages of silver, safety factors were taken into account. Collodial silver , whose particles are suspended in water and could only be seen with an electron microscope, has been created.

This form of silver is most suitable for the environment and the body. Hence most appropriate to be used in cosmetics and other products that interact with the skin. Colodial silver adjusts the bacterial flora of the skin and acts as astringent and is therefore recommended for acne skin.